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Next Generation Multi-Omics & Biomarker Profiling

directly from routine tissue images

What we do

Panakeia provides comprehensive ‘omics' molecular analysis of patient tissues significantly faster and cheaper than other methods. 

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We are creating AI-technology to provide biomarker information directly from H&E-stained tissue images.

Panakeia offers reliable results in minutes rather than multiple physical tests executed over several days or weeks. 

Our offerings enhance both clinical diagnostics and drug development.

Our offering

Hospitals & Labs

Panakeia accelerates the patient pathway by reducing the need for lab-based testing in pathology workflows. Our first
device focuses on breast cancer. 


Benefit from our customizable platform and expertise in diagnostic-grade AI to enable your own next generation multiomics profiling.

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Creative Destruction Lab

Join our mission 

Panakeia are a team of leading clinicians, scientists and engineers are on a mission to bring the next generation of multi-omics for timely diagnosis and treatment. We are looking for creators and innovators to solve one of the biggest challenges of our times: timely access to quality healthcare.

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