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Clinical Products

Clinical Products

Panakeia is developing clinical products enabling biomarker profiling across various cancer types and other disease areas:

Receive accurate biomarker results in minutes, not days

Reduce material and admin costs compared to lab based testing 

Integrates seamlessly with existing digital workflows 


PANProfiler Breast (ER, PR, HER2)


Breast cancer diagnostic tool that reports tissue ER, PR, HER2 status by analysing H&E slides. Seamlessly integrates with existing digital workflows and reduces the need for time consuming lab tests, returning accurate results sooner to patients and multidisciplinary teams.

The device is available only in Great Britain (UKCA) and the EU (CE) as an IVD medical device. It is not yet available in the United States. Request documentation

Contact us about our medical devices today: 

Research Offering

Research & Drug Development

Take advantage of Panakeia’s leading platform for end-to-end-learning and explainable AI in histopathology. Utilize our special capabilities to read molecular biomarkers, or to discover novel signatures from H&E stained specimens.

Leverage Panakeia's proprietary H&E biomarker PANProfiler solutions  

Add other stains or omics data and enrich the scope of your research 

Complement your resources with our team’s dedicated expertise in AI, data science, pathology & translational medicine 

Profit from our regulatory expertise in developing software as medical device 

Use our network of clinical partners to expand your research opportunities or independently validate your own predictive biomarkers

Gain deeper insights, faster results & better decisions across:
Translational Medicine

Test your hypothesis, select the right indication, or understand mechanisms of action. Benefit from Panakeia's dedicated capabilities in diagnostic-grade explainable AI and data science.

Clinical Research

Enable precision medicine: from signature discovery over validation of predictive biomarkers, to prospective testing for selecting the right patients in your clinical trials: Panakeia is your partner in advancing the clinical development of targeted therapies. 

Companion Dx

Benefit from our platform's end-to-end development capabilities for biomarker analytical and  clinical validation. Quickly gather safety and efficacy evidence through our rapid experimentation and deployment abilities.

Interested? Contact us to find out more about our offering for research and drug development

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