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A flexible, end-to-end platform
for next generation multi-omics
and biomarker profiling

Panakeia's platform enables rapid, safe and reliable development
of clinical and research solutions for biomarker profiling.
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Leverage our established expertise in developing medical devices. Our focus on safety and efficacy, combined with a diagnostic-level quality system allows for clinical-grade development.

Enhanced Insights

Leverage more insight from existing data. The Panakeia platform enables you to extract more information from your data than ever has thought to have been possible.


Our platform excels at explaining the relevant details to stakeholders, from clinicians to patients. We strengthen trust in AI through an increased understanding of our approach.

Safety Driven

We put safety and efficacy before all else. Our patent-pending approach reduces risk while allowing the delivery of flexible and robust solutions.

Rapid Development

From early development to validation in as little as a few weeks. Our platform enables rapid iteration and experimentation for solutions in record time.


We put clinicians at the center of the action without forcing them get under the hood. Our end-to-end approach requires less input for the development of multiple solutions, all without repetitive, manual work.

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